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ZTE appoints Chinese actress Liu Haocun as its new brand ambassador


ZTE had recently announced that it would be appointing a new brand ambassador to represent the company and its products. While it was assumed it would’ve been a prominent figure, it has now been confirmed that the brand has chosen the Chinese actress Liu Haocun.


The smartphone maker made the announcement earlier today (5th February 2021) on its official Weibo account, a Chinese microblogging website. The move from ZTE to appoint the actress as the new brand ambassador arrives to appeal more to the youth demographic of its home country, China. For those unaware, Liu Haocun is a relatively new face in the Chinese cinema industry and already have a couple of notable movies under her belt.

This includes her debut film, “One Second”, the spy thriller movie “Above the Cliff”, and her most recent work in “Send You A Little Red Flower” (as per translation). For her debut, the Chinese actress even received an award for having the most potential actor of the year. Furthermore, the company’s President Ni Fei stated that making her the brand ambassador would help appeal to the youth in the country and even welcomed her on the behalf of the brand.


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2021 is said to be a crucial year for the Chinese tech giant. The company is aiming on launching new gadgets across various product line while also investing in local channels and brands. It is also focusing on expanding its presence and brand image, so it makes sense that the company would bring in a popular actress to help push its brand and its products.




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