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YouTube TV is now available on PlayStation 4


YouTube TV on PlayStation 4 looks pretty much like YouTube TV everywhere else. That's a good thing.

Good thing, too, since PlayStation Vue is no more.

What you need to know

Pl ayStation Vue is officially dead on Jan. 30

. Effectively, though, it's been gone for weeks. And that means a couple things. First is that PlayStation owners need a new favorite streaming service. And for that, the folks at Sony have been pushing their customers to YouTube TV. (Undoubtedly Google pitched in a little cash to help ensure that the two would be come fast friends, but that's neither here nor there.)

Just one problem, though. YouTube TV wasn't ever available on PlayStation consoles. Until today.

Yes, you can now watch YouTube TV on a PlayStation 4. (And, presumably the PlayStation 5, once it eventually becomes more than a logo.)

First things first: You'll need the YouTube TV app from the PS Store, which you cand find here.

Second is that you'll need a suscription to YouTube TV. It runs $49 a month, and comes with a free one-week trial. After that you'll be billed through your Google account (which means you'll need a Google account if you don't already have one), and that's that. YouTube TV also has a number of premium options available, like NBA League Pass and Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus, among others.


See all of YouTube TV's channel options

Google's joint

YouTube TV

$$49 a month

Give Google a shot

YouTube TV is an easy-to-use option for anyone who want to watch live TV, with a decent set of channels, premium options, and unlimited recording. And it's now available on PlayStation.

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