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YouTube Shorts headed to US, YouTube TV getting offline downloads and 4K streaming


YouTube launched its own version of TikTok-like short videos in India back in September last year. Well, it appears that despite being a brazen copycat, the feature has been well-received, and the experiment was successful enough to warrant its entry into the US market. In an official blog post, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan revealed that the number of Indian channels that are now making content for Shorts has tripled and that these short-form videos are now being watched around 3.5 billion times globally on a daily basis.

YouTube is doing what Instagram did with its own TikTok-copycat called Reels

Buoyed by the positive response, the company is bringing YouTube Shorts as a beta to the US market in the coming weeks. In case you’re wondering, YouTube Shorts are, well, short clips of 15-second (or lesser) duration that appear as a horizontal carousel nestled between the suggested videos. But once you open one, it turns into a TikTok-like vertically scrolling feed of content.


Talking about features, creators get access to a multi-segment camera that allows them to merge multiple clips together. Those creating Shorts can add a song to the background by picking up music from YouTube’s own licensed track library. There is also a speed control option to let users speed up or slow down their videos for dramatic effect, and a nifty shot timer tool is there as well.

YouTube TV will allow concurrent streams on unlimited screens at your home

Additionally, the company has also announced that its on-demand streaming and TV broadcast service – YouTube TV – will soon allow you to stream content in 4K resolution. Plus, you will also be able to download videos for watching them later. “And there’s more to come, including a new add-on option that lets viewers watch available shows in 4K or download them to their DVR to watch later offline,” the blog post said.

YouTube TV

An option to watch concurrent YouTube TV streams on multiple devices simultaneously is also in the pipeline. What this means is you can watch YouTube TV streams on as many screens at home as you want, ending the 3-screen limitation. However, it appears that the aforementioned features will be available only with a pricier subscription plan that will be launched soon.

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