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Your butt will love this deal on a bidet attachment this Cyber Monday


Depending on which side of the pond you live, you may have never used a bidet. It's a simple concept where a miniature shower nozzle is strategically placed inside a toilet bowl and can be turned on whenever any part of your bottom needs a good cleaning. Yes, I'm talking about that and a bidet is a much better way than toilet paper, no matter how soft it may be.

Keep it clean

Bio Bidet SlimEdge

$25 at Amazon

Treat your tushie like royalty

A bidet is one of those luxuries you can't live without once you're tried one. Thankfully, you can buy kits that attach to your existing bowl with a few simple tools and enjoy that fresh feeling.

The thing about a bidet is that installing one can be expensive. You need to buy one, find room for another fixture in your bathroom and then hire a plumber to come over and install the whole thing. Thankfully, there are bidet attachments like this one from Bio Bidet.

You bolt it under your existing toilet seat on the toilet you already have, shut off the water using the valve in the line feeding your toilet, and swap a few hoses. then everything still works the same as it always did plus you have a button you can press for a stream of water to hit just where it needs to hit and clean things up.


This model uses standard temperature water and isn't heated, but that's OK. The areas in question may be very sensitive but room temperature water isn't uncomfortable at all. And you can adjust the spray pattern for him and her because a water jet can hurt if it hits the wrong spot. How do I know this? Because I use a bidet attachment almost identical to this one and love it. So does the rest of my family. They are pretty awesome.


Cyber Monday may be the big day for electronics and televisions and cameras and all other kinds of cool tech gear, but sometimes you'll find a gem of a different kind. This one is a must-buy at this crazy low Cyber Monday price.

Cyber Monday!

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