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You will soon find Google Maps in your Apple Watch


Google Maps has finally made its way to the Apple Watch. Google announced the launch of the Google Maps app for the Apple Watch and new features making its way to several Apple products, including CarPlay.

The Google Maps app will soon be available for the Apple Watch. It will resemble the iOS app, and it will give Apple Watch users directions while moving on a bike, bus, train, car, or when you’re simply out for a walk. The app will also provide estimated arrival times, step-by-step directions when using saved destinations. Other destinations will have to be started on another Apple device, like your iPhone, and then you will be able to follow them from your watch.


Some of the new features

included in CarPlay are dashboard integrations that will allow you to switch, play, or pause songs without having to leave the app. It will also allow users to browse through podcasts, audiobooks, calendar appointments while keeping turn-by-turn directions on the CarPlay display.

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