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You can now start a Google Meet call by just typing in the URL bar


Continuing its total war to dominate the video conferencing segment, Google is making it even easier to start a Google Meet video call. All you have to do is just type in the URL field of your browser and hit enter, and voila, you are ready for a video chat. Here’s the new Google Meet shortcut in action:

Moreover, if you have multiple Google accounts logged into your browser, you can also specify which account you want to use for making the video call. You can do this by simply adding ‘/1’

or ‘/2’ in the address field. For example, you can type ‘‘ in the URL bar to use your secondary account for video conferencing.

However, this is not an entirely new trick. You can use a similar command for Google Docs

Advertisement, Sheets (, and Slides ( to open a new document. In fact, it also works for a few third-party applications such as Spotify by using the shortcut.

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