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You can now avail in-store trade-in credits for your old Macs


Apple has had an in-store trade-in program for iPhones and iPad for a long time, but Macs were missing from the equation. You couldn’t avail credits for your old iMac to get a better deal on the latest model. However, it is changing now. Apple is expanding the in-store trade-in program to its Mac computers.

The development was first reported by Bloomberg last week. Since then, Apple has updated the trade-in page on its website accordingly. The company says that used Macs in an unsellable condition will be recycled. And those in good condition will go to new owners.

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As for the values, the latest MacBook Air in good condition can bring in $690 at the most. You can get a better value if you sell it elsewhere online. Further, for MacBook Pro you can get up to $1760 and for iMac, the value can go up to $1390.


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