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Xiaomi’s MIJIA Portable Juicer can extract 12 cups of juice on a single charge


Xiaomi recently launched a series of MIJIA-branded portable home appliances on Jingdong Mall in China. One of the products is the MIJIA Portable Juicer and it carries a decent 99 yuan (~$15) price tag.MIJIA Portable Juicer

The juicer cup has a volume of 300mL and is manufactured using a food-contact grade Tritan thickened body. There is also a built-in 1300mAh lithium battery onboard which is said to be capable of extracting 12 cups of juice on a single charge. The rotors can reach a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm. It works for 35 seconds and automatically turns off during which period all the fruits in the container must have been blended. It also comes with multiple safety protection functions.MIJIA Portable Juicer

The Mijia Portable Juicer has a 45W power that can quickly crush the fruits with the 18,000 rpm oscillation helping to separate the juice from the residue. The blend should have less than 6% residue. Further, the juicer utilizes four 304 stainless-steel blades. It also charges via a USB-C interface that can be plugged anywhere.


In addition, the MIJIA Portable Juicer machine is equipped with an IPX6 waterproof rating which ensures that all the parts can be washed under running water. The device also has a self-cleaning capability. This can be activated by adding water and pressing the power button just twice. MIJIA Portable Juicer

Finally, the juicer adopts a 3C digital level charge/discharge and thermal management design. The blender also features the industry’s first double-lock safety switch with triple protection.MIJIA Portable Juicer


The product is presently on pre-sale on Jingdong for 99 yuan ((~$15). It is expected to go on sale on April 2.



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