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Xiaomi’s foldable phone may launch as the Mi MIX 4 Pro Max and have an outward folding design


Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that will launch a foldable smartphone this year. A new leak has revealed what may be the official name of the upcoming device and it appears it will be launched under the Mi MIX series.

One of Xiaomi’s patented designs for a foldable smartphone

According to Ross Young of Display Search, Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone may launch as the Mi MIX 4 Pro Max. While this may be surprising, it makes sense as Xiaomi’s Mi MIX series is known for bringing new technologies and features.

He goes on to say that the display will be supplied by China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), the display subsidiary of TCL. That doesn’t mean that an earlier report that said that Samsung Display will be making displays for Xiaomi’s foldable phone is false. The analyst confirms that Samsung Display will indeed provide Xiaomi with displays but it will be for an in-folding phone that will be announced later.

Mr. Young says in a reply that the Mi MIX 4 Pro Max will have an outward folding design similar to that of the Huawei Mate XS

. He also said that it has been rumored that the cover display of the device will be 6.38-inches when folded.

Xiaomi first showed off a working prototype of a foldable smartphone back in 2019 but the Chinese manufacturer is yet to launch a commercially available product. It has also patented several designs including one with a pop-up camera

, another that has a cover display that slides similar to the Mi MIX 3, and a third that looks like a Samsung Galaxy Fold.

There is no info on when the Mi MIX 4 Pro Max will be announced.



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