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Xiaomi Youpin launches the Quange GA1 Smart Sorting Garbage Bin for 99 yuan (~$14)


Xiaomi Youpin has today launched the Quange GA1 Sorting Garbage Bin. The garbage bin carrries an affordable price tag of 99 yuan (~$14) and for a limited time, the brand is giving out 90 garbage bags free with each purchase.Quange GA1 Smart Sorting Garbage Bin-2

Quange GA1 Smart Sorting Garbage Bin has an inner two-colour split design. It supports smart sensing, long standby, digital display touch screen and other features.Quange GA1 Smart Sorting Garbage Bin-2


The smart garbage bin can be used for multiple purposes in one bin. Users can store dry and wet garbage in two different inner bins to easily complete the garbage classification, or take out the inner bin and use it separately.

This smart trash can uses non-contact infrared sensing technology with a 15-degree tilt man-machine sensing area to provide users with a fast and accurate opening experience in 0.3 seconds. If a user waves his hand or bend the knees slightly within a radius of 20cm from the bin, the lid automatically opens. The lid can also be set to remain open for a long time which is deal if you arecooking and cleaning.Quange GA1 Smart Sorting Garbage Bin-2


In terms of battery life, it is powered by 3 AA batteries which can provide the smart trash can with 3 months of battery life. Even if there is no electricity, the trash bin can still be opened.

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