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Xiaomi Youpin launches Mijia Desktop Heater, offers instant heating and wide air flow


Xiaomi has just launched a new Mijia product earlier this week. It is the new Mijia Desktop Heater that is priced at 129 Yuan (roughly 19 US Dollars), but is currently available for a discounted price of 119 Yuan (roughly 17 US Dollars).


The new product is built with a PTC ceramic heating element design that offers instant heating and will not produce any open flames. This makes it safe and more stable during use. It is also capable of blowing the hot air in multiple directions up to 45 degrees angle, with effects ranging from soft airflow to a warm and gentle breeze.

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The maximum diameter of the Mijia Desktop Heater is 132mm with a 360° hidden inlet design on the bottom that allows for an unimpeded supply of air. For safety, the product arrives with V0 fireproof material and supports dual thermal protection. So when the internal temperature rises to higher levels, the thermostat will automatically stop heating. And even if the thermostat fails, the fuse will automatically cut off circuits to prevent additional accidents.



Furthermore, the desktop heater also features a power off protection mechanism with a built in dump switch that can detect whether the angle is not right and automatically switch off. With winter approaching and work from home becoming a norm in 2020, this new product might be a good purchase. So for those interested, you can check out the Xiaomi Youpin platform for more details.

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