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Xiaomi unveils an 80W wireless charging stand & a multi-device wireless charging pad


Xiaomi has over the years set itself apart as a leading innovative brand when it comes to wireless charging solutions. In January, the tech giant unveiled the Mi Air Charge technology which is a true wire-free charging solution. The company has now unveiled a couple of new wireless charging solutions during the Mi 11 series launch that saw the Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Lite unveiled.Mi 80W Wireless Charging Stand

Back in 2019, the company unveiled a vertical wireless charging stand which was well-received. Along the line, there were complaints that the charging stand can’t be used when the phone is placed horizontally. That issue has now been tackled on this latest model. Not only that, the new Xiaomi wireless charging stand comes with a super-fast 80W charging speed. Unfortunately, there is no smartphone right now with up to 80W wireless charge support. The freshly unveiled Mi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Pro supports 67W wireless fast charging.Mi 80W Wireless Charging Stand

In terms of design, the 80W wireless charging stand adopts a futuristic design style. It features a curved air duct which allows heat to be dissipated more efficiently. This time around, phones can be charged lying vertically and horizontally, thanks to a double coil design. The Mi Wireless Charging Stand also has a dedicated button that allows users to turn on fast charging mode. Mi 80W Wireless Charging Stand


In terms of price, the Xiaomi 80W Wireless Charging Stand carries a decent retail price of RMB 499 (~$76) and that is because it is bundled with a 120W charging brick. But if purchased with the Mi 11 Pro, it will be sold for RMB 199 (~$35). Mi Wireless Charging Pad

In addition, Xiaomi also released a multi-coil wireless fast charging version that supports simultaneous charging of up to 3 devices, with 19 built-in charging coils. Each of the three devices can be charged at 20W speed which brings the total power rating of the Mi Wireless Charging Pad to 60W.


The Mi Wireless Charging Pad is priced at RMB 599 (~$91). Xiaomi is yet to disclose if the new wireless charging products will be launched globally.



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