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Xiaomi under display cameras made by TCL CSOT to arrive in 2021: Report


The smartphone market is an extremely volatile industry, with changes and innovation making the market dynamic. Recent trends have had OEMs launch foldable smartphones while pop up cameras or punch hole selfie shooters had become popular as well. Now, a new report suggests that Xiaomi might be one of the first to launch a smartphone with an under display camera.

According to a new report from ChinaStarMarket, the Chinese tech giant will be launching its third generation of the under display selfie camera in 2021. The new sensors will be manufactured by CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics), a subsidiary of TCL. These new sensors will be found on the next generation of smartphones from Xiaomi, which will likely be its flagships from 2021.

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Unfortunately, this is just an unconfirmed report at the moment so take it with a pinch of salt. For those unaware, the company has teased the technology in the past

but it has yet to make a commercial appearance. Many smartphone manufacturers are rushing to be the first to offer an under screen camera in their handsets, and Xiaomi might be one of the first in this regard.

Xiaomi Under Screen Camera Technology
Xiaomi shows third generation Under Screen Camera Technology

Xiaomi has built its reputation on innovation and offering the latest technology for its products at competitive prices. So, it won’t be far fetched to assume that we might just see an under screen camera from the company next year.

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