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Xiaomi to launch foldable phone soon in 2021, Three kinds of foldable expected


At present, there are only a few mainstream brands such as Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola that are selling foldable smartphones in the market. While Motorola is only foldable phones in a clamshell design, Samsung is offering foldable smartphones in in-folding and clamshell designs. Display analyst Ross Young had claimed earlier this month

that companies like OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi will together launch four foldable phones in 2021. He had also claimed that Google will also launch a foldable phone in the coming year. Through a fresh tweet, Young has revealed that Xiaomi will launch three kinds of foldable phones.

Young claimed that the next foldable phone to arrive in the market could be from Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer has reportedly planned three 3 foldable phones with different designs for 2021. Hence, the brand is expected to unveil foldable phones with designs such as out-folding, an in-folding, and a clamshell.

xiaomi foldable
Xiaomi’s foldable prototype shown off by founder Lin Bin

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He added that the out-folding foldable phone from Xiaomi will be like the Huawei Mate X. Hence, it could be a larger device than the company’s in-folding device. Three is a possibility that the out-folding device may feature a display of around 8 inches.

In October, it was revealed by XDA Developers that it could find evidence of a Xiaomi foldable codenamed “Cetus” in the MIUI 12 beta. It was found that the device is equipped with a Snapdragon chipset and a 108-megapixel camera. Other details of the “Cetus” device is currently under wraps. It seems to be one of the upcoming foldable phones that Xiaomi may launch next year.

This year, Xiaomi filed multiple patents for foldable phones with different designs. Hopefully, some of those designs could be seen in the company’s foldable phones that are expected to debut in 2021.

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