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Xiaomi reveals redesigned icons of new MIUI Camera app


Last week, after the announcement of MIUI 12

, the head of Xiaomi Camera also dropped a teaser video for new revamped MIUI Camera. She even shared the update timeline for all the eligible devices. Anyway, it’s worth noting that the list is limited to China. Now, almost a week later, she shared a poster on Weibo showcasing all the redesigned icons of the new MIUI Camera app.

MIUI 12 Camera Icon Design

As you can see from the image above, the icons are uniform as well as simple and elegant. They clearly match the other UI elements of MIUI 12. Although the icons in the poster are outlines, the new MIUI Camera app also supports customization allowing users to change colors of these icons.

Nevertheless, the image does not reveal any feature that we are not aware of. Here’s a refresher of all the new additions if you have forgotten or never knew before.

  • Magic Clone (Multiplicity Photography)
  • Magic Kaleidoscope
  • Tap to shoot, hold to record
  • Easy to arrange buttons (Option to edit toggle placement)
  • Custom colors (Theming)
  • Texture and Film camera sound (New in-app sounds)

Having said that, the new MIUI

Camera is already live on many of the premium as well as some mid-range and budget smartphones running MIUI 12 Closed Beta builds. More devices will be getting it this month and next month, followed by almost all handsets with the stable release of MIUI 12.
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