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Xiaomi re-releases Android 11 update for its Mi A3


The Xiaomi Mi A3 saga has had a plethora of twists and turns with each update. It’s the usual drill – Xiaomi rolls out an update for the Mi A3. It comes with bugs. The company advises to not download the update and then pauses the roll out. Later, it rolls out a new update fixing the issue. This time around we are in the last phase as Xiaomi is rolling out a fixed Android 11 update for its Mi A3 Android One smartphone.

Xiaomi has had troubles with rolling out updates for the Mi A3. The company rolled out the Android 10 update for its Android One smartphone a number of times before getting it right. Recently, the company rolled out an Android 11 update for Mi A3, which bricked many devices. As a result, Xiaomi had to stop the rollout and it further announced

that it will be fixing these bricked Mi A3 phones for free. Now, it is rolling out a “brick-free” update.

This one's a fixed update that doesn't brick phones.

The Android 11 update for Mi A3 is rolling out with a build number It is reportedly 1.40GB in size. The changelog remains the same as the previous Android 11 update. It comes with the usual goodies of the latest OS. It brings features like system-wide dark mode, one-time permissions, Chat bubbles, and more. Additionally, the update also brings December 2020 security patch.


If you updated your phone and bricked it, you can visit Xiaomi’s nearest service center and the issue will be fixed for free. It doesn’t matter if your phone is under warranty or not, it will be fixed for free. However, the lost data might not be recovered.

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