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Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker Theater Edition comes with a separate subwoofer


Xiaomi‘s Mi TV Speaker was first released in 2018 and the product was well received. The speaker featured a minimalistic design and is equipped with built-in 8 sound units and this includes two 20-ball dome tweeters, two 2.5-inch subwoofers and four passive radiators. The Chinese tech giant has now launched a new Mi TV Speaker Theatre Edition which has a separate subwoofer that isn’t built into the speaker. Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker Theater Edition

The new product has as some of its selling points, a body made from aluminium alloy, multiple input interfaces, 100W high power, cinema mode and of course, the independent subwoofer.Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker Theater Edition

The Mi TV Speaker Theatre Edition is equipped with five sound units which include two full-range speakers, two tweeters and the separate 6.5-inch subwoofer. Thus, it is composed of a soundbar and a subwoofer with a total power of 100W, including that of the subwoofer which has a 66W power rating. Xiaomi says when the theatre mode is turned on, the bass is strong and true, and the treble is clear and delicate, and the experience is like being on the scene.


The Mi TV Speaker Theatre Edition can easily connect to a variety of devices with several connectivity options such as Bluetooth 5.0, optical fibre, coaxial, and Aux. With these options, you can connect the speaker to TVs, TV boxes, computers, iPads, mobile phones and other devices.

In terms of design, the soundbar design requires only one thread, which is simple and smooth; the black elegant cloth mesh with aluminium alloy decorative strips has both a taste of life and a sense of technology.

The speaker carries a price tag of 699 yuan (~$102) and is presently on sale on the Youpin website.

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