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Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 firmware update brings improved stability and mesh networking fix


A few weeks ago, Xiaomi had launched the Mi Router AX6000 in its home country which comes with Wi-Fi 6 and Enhanced wireless technology. Soon after its announcement, the device went on sale in China for 599 yuan, about $93.

Now, the company has started rolling out its first firmware update which brings improved system stability as well as a fix for the mesh networking. This new update is currently being rolled out to users.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000

The Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced version has been upgraded to 4096QAM encoding technology. The technology can increase frequency utilization so that each data packet can contain more data, which can greatly increase the transmission rate. When comp ared to the previous generation, the throughput has increased by 20 percent.


The Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 has a wireless rate of 6000 megabytes — the highest rate in the current Xiaomi router series. It also supports 4K QAM and 2500M full-speed network port and other technologies and configurations, claiming to bring a speed experience different from previous Wi-Fi 6 routers


Thanks to Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced technology, it supports 4×4 160MHz bandwidth. Compared with the current mainstream WiFi 6 4×4 80MHz bandwidth, the bandwidth of this current version is doubled and also offers multi-device connectivity.

Powered by a Qualcomm chipset, the device comes with 512MB of RAM and supports simultaneous access of 248 devices. The Mi Router AX6000 has six independent signal amplifiers and Xiaomi Mesh networking, helping the device cope with various complex house types and achieve full house coverage without dead ends.



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