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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 gets the sleep breathing quality feature via a new update


Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is available in several regions including its home country China. Now, it is getting a new OTA update that enables a key feature on the fitness tracker.

As reported by Tizenhelp, a new OTA update for Xiaomi‘s new fitness tracker is arriving on the Mi Fit App for users of India and China. This adds the sleep breathing quality feature on the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. If you don’t know, the device supports features like sleep tracking with REM and sleep breathing quality.

Back at the launch, Xiaomi talked about this feature on the Mi Band 6 and said that it monitors your breathing quality while you are asleep. Speaking of which, it also has sleep tracking with REM & non-REM options.

REM sleep is basically sleep occurring at intervals during the night and is characterized by rapid eye movements, more dreaming, faster pulse, breathing, and body movements. If you are too much into your work and your stress level shoots up, you might experience an improper sleep cycle at times.


REM sleep tracking, when combined with the sleep breathing quality, can help you figure out how frequently are you experiencing the discomfort. Anyway, to update the Mi Band 6, ensure that the Mi Fit App is on version 5.0.0.

These aren’t the main feature available on the Mi Band 6. It has more than 130+ watch faces(China), 60+ watch faces(global), 30 exercise modes, 6 auto-detect exercise modes, 24×7 heart rate monitoring(PPG), SpO2(Blood Oxygen measurement).


The device features a 1.56-inch AMOLED display. This 2.5D curved display, 5ATM water-resistance, a 125mAh LiPo battery with up to 14 days battery, NFC(in China), and more.



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