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Xiaomi launches ultra light Mijia Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Lite for 499 Yuan ($76)


Earlier today (19th November 2020), Xiaomi launched a new MIJIA product. It is the MIJIA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Lite. The device is priced at 499 Yuan (roughly 76 US Dollars) and will be available from November 20.

The vacuum cleaner from MIJIA weighs just 1.2 kilograms and is built from light but durable materials. Despite it being light, it still manages to pack a compact motor and battery. Its light weight also helps in it being used to clean and remove dust from high places. The MIJIA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Lite is equipped with a high speed brushless motor that has a suction power of up to 17kPa.This mo tor enables the product to output a continuous and strong suction power that can also be used in two different levels. It also sports a triple high efficiency filter as well.

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In a full charge, the vacuum cleaner’s battery life can run for up to 45 minutes. So, users would easily be able to cover an entire house of both medium to large sizes on a single charge. Furthermore, the device has an electric bristled floor brush on the front which works through an independent motor drive. This enables it to rotate at high speed, which can remove fine dust particles from in between floor tiles and other areas as well. The suction nozzle has a flat design that makes it convenient for the user to clean the dust and lint from different surfaces.

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