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Xiaomi launches the OPPLE Self-powered Wireless Doorbell for 55 yuan (~$8)


Xiaomi Youpin has played host to yet another innovative product. An innovative product dubbed OPPLE Self-powered Wireless Doorbell has been launched for open sale on the Youpin websites/website-builder/" 51818 target="_blank">website. The product carries a price tag of 55 yuan (~$8).OPPLE self-powered wireless doorbell

The OPPLE Doorbell is an entirely wireless device with up to 80 metres of wireless transmission. It is equipped with an external unit (doorbell) and an internal unit (receiver). When the visitor presses the external button on the doorbell, it generates power and 80 meters of wireless transmission.

The button outside the door has a built-in power generation module. When pressed by a finger, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, and the power generation and wireless signal transmission are completed instantly, without wiring or battery.OPPLE self-powered wireless doorbell

The doorbell switch is pressed with a force of

Its innovative floating antenna design effectively reduces the problem of signal attenuation. It can transmit signals stably at 30 meters indoors and 80 meters outdoors.

OPPLE wireless doorbell’s volume is set to 5 levels of loudness. The highest volume is not too low such that even in noisy environments such as cooking, you can hear the knock on the door. There are 36 polyphonic ringtones onboard which can be switched freely. It also supports the silent mode. In the silent mode, only the light flashes to alert the homeowner and there is no ringing, so as to avoid disturbing family members sleeping and resting.OPPLE self-powered wireless doorbell


It also has a power-off memory function, set ringtones and volume, after an unexpected power-off and restart, it will still remember the last set value instead of restoring the default file, reducing the trouble of repeated settings.

Apart from the doorbell function, the OPPLE self-powered wireless doorbell can also be a pager. It can be placed in a room that needs care for children, the elderly, or pregnant women such that they press a button when in need of attention. It can be flexibly configured according to your needs.

Apart from the one doorbell and one receiver set, users also get the option to buy one doorbell and two receiver or two doorbells and one receiver, for slightly higher prices.

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