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Xiaomi launches the NEOGEO Mini Game Console Int. version with 40 classic games


Renowned Japanese video game hardware and software company SNK Corporation, owner of the Neo Geo video game platform made its debut on Xiaomi Youpin platform in March this year when it launched the Asian version of the NEOGEO Mini Game Console priced at 699 yuan (~$100). The hardware came with a free game pad worth 179 yuan (~$25). NNEOGEO Mini Game console


SNK has now launched the international version of the NEOGEO Mini game console on the Xiaomi Youpin. This version still retains the original price of the first model and is presently on sale.NEOGEO Mini Game console

The Neo Geo Mini game console is all about classics right from the design to the software inside. The console’s design is reminiscent of the arcade machines of the 1990s. The portable console even has a classic joystick and several sensitive buttons. The design looks like a miniature version of the NEO GEO MVS arcade machine that was popular all over the world.

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It has a dimension of 108x135x162mm, weighing in at 390g. It is equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD screen with 4:3 aspect ratio. The console is also equipped with stereo speakers, making it easy to use it on the go coupled with the joystick and buttons.NEOGEO Mini Game console

You can also connect the game console to an external TV and pads. There is an HDMI mini port for output to the TV, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a power input port (USB-C) at the back of the device. A USB-C cable is included in the box, but there is no charging adapter.NEOGEO Mini Game console

On the software side, the NeoGeo Mini comes preinstalled with 40 popular SNK games including classics such as “The King of Fighters”, “Legend of Hungry Wolf”, and “Metal Slug”.

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