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Xiaomi launches the MIJIA Sweeping Robot G1, an affordable cleaning device


Earlier today (24th April 2020), Xiaomi launched the affordable MIJIA Sweeping Robot G1. The product is a home appliance and, as its name implies, was built for sweeping. It can even drag and has a triple filtering system with four block suction.

The MIJIA Sweeping Robot G1 features a round design that helps it in mopping up. This is function is further facilitated by the 200ml intelligent precision controlled water tank that has a water pump. Through this, the robot can control the water output level while also being able to measure the water remaining in the tank thanks to its intelligent chip that does not waste water.

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The MIJIA Sweeping Robot G1 is also equipped with a Japanese NIDEC motor that has a suction power of 2200Pa. The 4 stop suction switching technology enables it to clean particles as small as hair or as large as a steel ball or soybean. The gadget can be controlled via the app, which also provides real time view of cleaning status and its path.


Notably, the robot also supports the Xiao AI voice assistant. It can also be linked with a smart door lock. Thus, the Xiaomi MIJIA Sweeping Robot G1 can immediately start sweeping as people start walking in. The device automatically goes to recharge once it is done with its designated task. The gadget starts from 899Yuan (roughly 127 US Dollars) but a higher priced variant is also available for 999 Yuan (roughly 141 US Dollars).

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