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Xiaomi launches the MIJIA Smart Humidifier priced at 169 yuan (~$24)


Xiaomi‘s smart life brand formerly known as MIJIA has launched the MIJIA Smart Humidifier, an affordable smart humidifier for homes and offices. The brand has got a variety of smart humidifiers under its name including the 99-yuan MIJIA Humidifier, the MIJIA Smart Sterilizing Humidifier priced at 249 yuan (~$36) and the MIJIA Smart Humidifier 1S with an OLED screen which was released in April this year.MIJIA Smart Humidifier


The MIJIA Smart Humidifier has a smart constant humidity function which can monitor the indoor humidity in real-time. The device also automatically adjust the amount of fog to maintain the humidity within the set range. The default constant is 60%RH but the user can use the adjust the humidity between 40-70%RH.

The humidifier has a capacity of 4L, which is equivalent to eight bottled of 500ml bottle water. It can continue to humidify for 26 hours with a single top up with water.

In terms of design, the MIJIA Smart Humidifier continues the friendly design of the previous models where there is a lid for adding water. Users do not need to open the water tank, just open the lid to easily add water. There is a rotating knob which also functions as the power button. Long pressing the rotating knob turn on/off the humidifier while a short press switch on/off the WiFI function. The knob can also be rotated to switch between three different modes. MIJIA Smart Humidifier


The smart humidifier supports MIJIA app control which can be done even when you are thousands of miles away. There is also support for XiaoAI voice control.

The MIJIA Smart Humidifier is currently available in China on the Mi store.

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