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Xiaomi launches the Mi Wireless Mouse Lite with a minimalist design, 2.4GHz WiFi

Ahead of the 11.11 shopping festival coming up on November 11, Xiaomi has launched a new wireless mouse. Dubbed Mi Wireless Mouse Lite, the mouse utilises a minimalist and lightweight design. It is an entirely wireless mouse, free from wired constraints. It carries a price tag of 39 yuan (~$5) but will be sold on 11.11 for 29 yuan (~$4). Mi Wireless Mouse Lite

The Mi Wireless Mouse Lite uses integrated curved buttons and simple ridges to provide a comfortable feel while also taking into account an elegant design. The combination of dark gray and black is deep and stable, and is the style choice for work desks. Teflon material has the characteristics of low friction coefficient and is used in mouse foot pads. It has good wear resistance and self-lubricating properties, allowing the mouse to move and position smoothly and freely.

The mouse supports 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, which has a continuous and stable transmission signal. The compact wireless receiver replaces the cumbersome wired connection, creating a refreshing and beautiful work desktop.Mi Wireless Mouse Lite

Further, the wireless mouse adopts a medium-sized mouse size. The palm and fingers naturally fit the mouse, and the button clicks are soothing and natural. The left and right symmetric buttons and the composite middle button scroll wheel are easy to use. The mouse does not contain a battery and weighs just 60g. The lightweight design ensures your hand doesn’t get fatigued easily.


Furthermore, the Mi Wireless Mouse Lite is equipped with the original 1000dpi precision sensor. It is powered by a AAA battery, with an independent power switch combined with automatic sleep technology, saving power and energy, and prolonging the shelf life of the mouse.

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