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Xiaomi launches Mijia Smart Socket 2 Bluetooth Gateway Edition for 49 yuan ($7)


Xiaomi has today launched a new product in its home market China — Xiaomi Mijia Smart Socket 2 Bluetooth Gateway Edition. As the name itself indicates, the device is an upgraded variant and successor to the Smart Socket Bluetooth Gateway launched last year.

This second-generation model is now available for purchase in China through Xiaomi Youpin platform for a price of 49 yuan, which is about $7. It is 30 yuan (~$4) cheaper than the cost of the original model.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Socket 2 Bluetooth Gateway Edition

One of the reasons for the newer model to be cheaper is that the company had ditched the two USB-A ports on the socket and now it comes with just one standard jack. It also has several features and functions, including remote switch, voice-based control, intelligent linkage, power statistics, and overload protection, among others.

Being a Bluetooth Gateway, it connected to sub-devices and collects useful data to provide insights. The data of all the connected devices such as a thermostat, smart door lock, or any smart home product, can be viewed through the Mijia app.


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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Socket 2 Bluetooth Gateway Edition

The company has revealed that the outer body of the device is made of 750-degree Celcius high-temperature flame-retardant material. The internals adopts a wave soldering process for quality assurance.

It also comes with features like Child Safety Door. The company adds that users won’t get an electric shock if they accidentally touch the jack. There’s also functionality to monitor the internal temperature in real-time.

When the internal temperature gets too high, the smart socket automatically powers off. It also has support for countdown function, allowing smart home devices to run for a pre-defined time duration.

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