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Xiaomi launches a Gaming monitor stand with an ergonomic design, 360° rotation


Xiaomi Youpin has launched a new e-sports monitor stand with features such as e-sports lighting, gas spring adjustment, dual USB ports, aviation aluminium arms, and 360° rotation. The gaming monitor is priced at 399 yuan (~$58) and is available on the Youpin website for the Chinese market.

The gaming monitor stand utilises automotive-grade gas springs to control the movement of the piston rod by adjusting the pressure to achieve the effect of smooth adjustment and free hovering. The product is manufactured by Loctek and was subjected to up to 40,000 fatigue tests in the laboratory. Thus if it is adjusted up to 10 times a day, the company claims it can still last as long as 11 years.

In terms of appearance, the device utilises a matte black full-arm face, embellished with a touch of red. The stand also comes with breathing lights on the bracket base. The base also has dual USB 3.0 ports.


In terms of flexibility, it supports 85° elevation angle, 15° downward elevation angle, 90° left rotation and right rotation and also supports +180°~-180° horizontal and vertical screen rotation. It can be pulled up by 535mm before and after, and the height is adjustable between 110-390mm.Loctek gaming monitor stand


The Gaming Monitor Stand has a 9kg load-bearing capacity and can be matched with a 10-34-inch screen. Thus, it can be adapted to the 34-inch Mi curved display. It is also easy to install. The integrated bracket supports two installation methods, which can be installed by clamping to the desk or screwing it to the table.

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