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Xiaomi is offering free repairs for owners of bricked Mi A3 units


The Mi A series of Android One smartphones by Xiaomi is practically dead already seeing as no new model was released last year. Nevertheless, the last model in the series, the Mi A3 is still receiving updates as it has not yet reached its end of life. Unfortunately, the latest update released for the phone has brought sadness to owners rather than joy as it ended up bricking the device. Now, Xiaomi is offering free repairs to those affected.

Mi A3

Last week, Xiaomi had rolled out a surprise Android 11 update for the Mi A3 which, unfortunately, had caused the device to get bricked. Following widespread reports, Xiaomi had to halt the rollout. An official statement sent to us has informed us that affected users can get their device fixed for free even if their device is out of warranty. All they have to do is visit any of the over 2000 service centers across the country near to them.


Xiaomi also offers its apologies to the affected users in the official statement but that may not be enough for some users. Xiaomi has constantly had issues with the Mi A series when it comes to updates. For example, the Mi A2 Lite Android 10 update had to be released thrice

. The Mi A1 also had several issues when it was updated to Android Pie and Mi A3 users had to sign a petition to force Xiaomi to release the Android 10 update.

At the moment, there is no news of when a new update will be available. Once we have more details we will inform you.

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