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Xiaomi granted patent for smart glasses with detection & therapeutic properties


Xiaomi was initially thought to be a copycat which earned it the nickname- China’s Apple as the company was seen as copying the products of the US tech giant. Over time, the Chinese tech giant has been able to broke off that toga with several innovative products of its own. The brand’s R&D efforts have seen it clinch a new patent. The patent was initially filed by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. for “a smart glasses and glasses case.”Xiaomi smart glasses

The patent details show that the product is a smart glasses and a glasses case that can integrate detection and treatment. The details also suggest that the product emits some therapeutic signals which include phototherapy signals (ultraviolet signals, visible light signals, infrared signals, and laser signals) and sound wave signals, that can be used to treat brain diseases, mental diseases (for example, depression or anxiety), or eye fatigue.

The light therapy signal can treat brain diseases or mental diseases. The sound wave signal and the sound wave signal can treat mental illness, relieve headache or fatigue. Magnetic waves or electromagnetic waves can promote the absorption of missing elements or effectively promote blood circulation in the brain.


We don’t have further details of the product but it is obvious that the product will also come with several features including a speaker or sound transmission technology such as on conduction. We can’t say for sure if the product will be commercialized any time soon.

If Xiaomi chooses to mass-produce this, it won’t be the first Chinese OEM to launch smart glasses. Recall that Huawei

has launched two generations of its Gentle Monster Smart Glasses. The smart glasses offer UV protection and also support taking and ending calls. They can play and pause music as well with dual speakers and a microphone which is assisted by an AI-powered speech noise reduction technology.




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