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Xiaomi demonstrates Ultra Wide Band technology for controlling smart home devices


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has today demonstrated its new technology that the company is calling Ultra Wide Band technology. As the name indicates, it is ultra-wideband communication with 500MHz bandwidth for transmitting data.

The company installed the UWB chip on the Mi 10 smartphone along with an array of antennas. Xiaomi has also used its own algorithms to achieve centimeter-level positioning and ±3° angle measurement accuracy.

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Xiaomi says that this Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology gives smartphone and smart devices spatial perception capabilities, similar to something like Indoor GPS. With this technology, the user can just point the smartphone to any device and a control card for the same will automatically pop-up on the screen.

Zeng Xuezhong, Vice President of Xiaomi and the company’s President for the Smartphone Department demonstrated the technology. In the video, he is seen pointing the Mi 10

toward a phone which automatically shows the control options for the fan on the phone. He then turns towards and Smart TV and the phone shows control buttons for the TV, eliminating the process of establishing a separate connection.

It should support all the Smart Home products launched by the company. Xiaomi also says that in the near future, it will eliminate the need to point the smartphone towards the device in order to control it. Currently, there’s no information on when the company is planning to roll out this technology on its smartphones.

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