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Xiaomi crowdfunds MIJIA Smart Wall Socket for ¥49 ($7)


Apart from smartphones, Xiaomi is well-known for its ecosystem products. The company sells a wide variety of IoT products with its own branding as well as products from other brands on its platform. That said, it is now crowdfunding a new device called MIJIA Smart Wall Socket in its home country China.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Wall Socket Featured

As the name suggests, the new MIJIA Smart Wall Socket is meant for converting any non-smart device into a smart one. To do so, users will have to replace any traditional wall socket in their homes with this product.

Talking about the design, it is elegant, minimalistic, and comes in a single white color option. Also, it is worth noting that this design is identical to Aqara Smart Wall Socket. For those unaware, Aqara is one of the many ecological brands of Xiaomi.

Some of Xiaomi’s self-branded (Mi, MIJIA, Redmi

) products are manufactured by its ecological brands. Hence, there’s nothing to be surprised about here. Anyway, this smart wall socket seems to be a different product altogether despite featuring a similar design.

Because this one uses Bluetooth Mesh networking, instead of Zigbee like the Aqara Smart Wall Socket. Also, it features all the basic functions like scheduler, option to see power statistics, voice controls (uses Xiaomi’s Xiao AI voice assistant), and can be connected with other Xiaomi IoT platform devices.


Last but not least, Xiaomi is crowdfunding the MIJIA Smart Wall Socket for ¥49 ($7) on in China. After the campaign, it will retail for ¥59 ($9).

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