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Xiaomi crowdfunds 17Pin Star Travel Mug Electric Kettle for 79 yuan ($12)

Xiaomi is known for crowdfunding a wide variety of products on its dedicated crowdfunding platform called Youpin in China. Other than gadgets and accessories, the company also crowdfunds everyday products. One such product called 17Pin Star Travel Mug is now up for crowdfunding for only 79 yuan ($12).

17Pin Star Travel Mug Electric Kettle - Xiaomi Crowdfunding Featured

The 17Pin Star Travel Mug is a portable electric kettle that looks more like a bottle than a kettle. It comes in two colors – White & Beige.

The product can hold 400ml of water. It measures 95 x 95 x 221mm in dimensions and weighs 550g. The internal wall of the kettle features 304 stainless steel, whereas its outer body is made of polypropylene, which is commonly known as PP.

17Pin Star Travel Mug Electric Kettle Base - Xiaomi Crowdfunding

The company claims that it can boil water within 6 minutes. That’s because the product operates at 400W. Further, similar products in the market come with a single-body design with a separate cord. Whereas, this one features a dual-body design with a detachable base + cord.


This design makes it safer than other comparable products. Also, it allows hiding the cord inside the base while traveling. Whereas, with most products from other brands, users will have to carry the cord separately.


17Pin Star Travel Mug 02 - Xiaomi Crowdfunding

17Pin Star Travel Mug 03 - Xiaomi Crowdfunding

As far as its usage is concerned, the 17Pin Star Travel Mug can be carried almost everywhere whether it’s work or travel. Users can not only drink warm water out of it but also use that water to make tea, coffee, or even instant noodles.

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