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Xiaomi-backed Roborock inches closer to launch commercial sweeping robots


Xiaomi-backed Roborock, which is known for making smart cleaning robots, has announced that it has completed the Research & Development work for its commercial cleaning robot and now it is in the testing phase.

The commercial shipping robots from the company mainly target shopping malls, large supermarkets, office buildings, airports, and other large indoor spaces. The company expects the demand for commercial sweeping robots to rise with increasing labor costs.

Roborock S6

As per the report, it seems that the company will be making the commercial devices on a pre-order basis and Roborock has two primary OEMs carry this out — Xinwangda and Dongguan Great Wall.

Roborock has also made a few customized sweeping robots for Xiaomi, including the Mijia Sweeping Robot 1S. It is the first Xiaomi ecological chain company to get listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.


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Earlier this year, in February, the company got listed and raised around 4.5 billion yuan, which is approximately $641 million through Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company had said that it will be using the IPO proceeds to develop next-generation robotic home cleaners and a data analysis platform.

The company was founded in the year 2014 and as said, it designs and sells intelligent home cleaners and other cleaning appliances. Xiaomi owns about 24.7% of Roborock, a robotic cleaning appliances provider, through its associated companies Tianjin Jinmi Investment Partnership and Shunwei Capital. Other investors in the company include Gaorong Capital and Qiming Venture Partners.

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