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What’s your flavor? Apple reportedly bringing color options to the 2021 iMac


Safe to assume that on a slow February Wednesday, there’s nothing really going on that rocks the boat in tech world. Nothing, however, compares to a fresh, juicy Apple leak (in case you needed more of those) coming from none other than Jon Prosser via Twitter and YouTube.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, from the title and the thumbn ail, the rumor talks about Apple allegedly offering future customers the option to choose a color option for their upcoming iMac desktop computers.


Five are illustrated in the image, with the classic silver and the darker shade (reserved for the exclusive iMac Pro), in addition to green, blue, and pink (with whatever denomination Apple could come up with to describe the shades). These shades will reportedly mirror the colors the iPad Air is currently available in.

Rumors of a redesign coming to the iMac have been around for quite some time, but if Apple couples the redesign (and the addition of the M1 chip version) with an expanded range of color options to choose from, it will give users the liberty to get the one that best suits their personality, or environment. It’s like 1998 again! You know, when there was actually a color choice involved.


Not only that, but there’s chatter about a possible, smaller Mac Pro. No, not a smaller cheese grater, this upcoming model is being described more along the lines of “three-to-four Mac minis stacked”. This should give you an idea about the size, but the actual design, though some have attempted to predict it, is yet unknown.

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