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What are the differences between Visible and Boost Mobile?


Max data, domestically


Max data, even in Mexico

Boost Mobile

Visible offers the strongest overall package between the two, with a stronger domestic network and a simple pricing structure that makes it a great fit for most people. Boost offers more international service specializing in Mexico with one of the best offerings for people that often travel between the two countries.

Domestic vs. International coverage

Comparing these two providers is going to always come back to coverage. Boost Mobile uses Sprint's LTE network and Visible uses Verizon's LTE network. Your choice between Visible and Boost Mobile could just come down to where you're located. You can check your Visible coverage or your Boost Mobile coverage.

There are a few other things you might need to know. For one, a lot of Sprint customers might not realize just how much of Sprint's coverage map is made up of LTE roaming. This LTE roaming looks and acts almost exactly like Sprint's own network, so this wouldn't even be obvious unless you were keeping a close eye on it. Boost doesn't get to take advantage of this roaming. It's paramount that your double check your coverage even if you already know you have good Sprint service.

Screenshot of international add ons November 2019

Screenshot of international add ons November 2019Source: Boost Mobile

Visible rules this category even though it is similarly unable to access roaming networks. The main difference is that the Verizon LTE network is more complete than Sprint's, so it has a much larger coverage area. This is going to be important for people that travel within the U.S.

The tables are turned for international coverage where Visible, true to its simple nature, doesn't have any coverage — not even as an add-on. This makes sense since Verizon works best in the U.S. and can often be expensive or impossible to use internationally.

Boost has a plan that allows 8GB of data in Mexico as well as the ability to call international numbers at a per minute rate or as part of an add-on.

How do they compare?

Visible Boost Mobile
Network Verizon Sprint
Talk and text Unlimited Unlimited
Data 3GB to Unlimited Unlimited
International calling None Yes
Hotspot Included (5Mbps) Available
BYOD Yes (check phones) Yes (check phones)


Boost Mobile’s plans

Best Boost Mobile phones

Best Boost Mobile phonesSource: Android Central

Boost Mobile plans start at just $35 per month for 3GB of data and unlimited calling and texting. This can be upgraded to unlimited data with more speed and features going up. Unlimited starts at $50 per month, but with two lines it's only $80 or $40 per line. Actually, one of Boost Mobile's biggest strengths is that you can save more money with more lines on your plan. Boost Mobile also offers a 2GB data plan with unlimited talk and text for $30 per month.

3 Gigs Unlimited Gigs Unlimited Plus
Talk and Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Tidal service 6 months 6 months 6 months
Hotspot uses data 12GB 30GB
Video quality SD SD HD
5G No No Yes
Price 1 Line $35 $50 $60
Lines 2-5 $60, $90, $120, $150 $80, $110, $140, $170 $100, $140, $180, $220

HD video streaming can be added to the plans without it for $10 per month, though this won't be worth it to many people since using Wi-Fi will also result in HD videos. Boost also offers device insurance to give you replacement options if your device is damaged, lost, or stolen. There would be a deductible of $20, $50, $100, or $150 depending on the device in question.

Visible’s only plan

Visible speed test

Visible speed testSource: Android Central

Visible has only one plan and it's unlimited. Visible's plan includes unlimited talk, text, and LTE data on the Verizon network. You also get an unlimited hotspot at 5Mbps which should be sufficient for browsing the web on a laptop or tablet. You can get your first month of Visible service for $25 and can further save money with multiple lines with Visible's Party Pay. With party pay, your cost per line comes down to $35, $30, and $25 per month with two, three, and four lines respectively.

Thanks to the simplicity of this plan and the strength of the underlying Verizon LTE network, knowing if this is the right plan for you is very straightforward. If you need a lot of data and don't need to call or travel outside of the US the Visible will work well for you.


If you get your phone through Visible, you can sign up for an insurance program called Visible Protect for $10 or $12 per month. Cracked iPhone screens are repaired for $29 and Android screens are $99. You can also get your device replaced for more serious damage or loss. You can see the deductibles here. Finally, device failure is covered for no cost.

What phones are available?

Visible R2 ZTE

Visible R2 ZTESource: Android Central

Each carrier offers device sales as well as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program with a fairly restricted selection of phones. Visible supports most unlocked iPhones after the iPhone 6 and a growing list of Android Phones. Check out the full list on Visible's site.

Boost Mobile supports a number of unlocked phones that work on the Sprint network. One thing to keep in mind that while Sprint phones should technically work on Boost Mobile, it may not be possible to activate them. Be sure to check with Sprint support before jumping ship. It also has a BYOD program.

Both carriers' phones trend towards mid to low range devices such as the Visible R2, but they also have some high-end offerings such as the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S20. For either carrier, you should be able to find something that suits you.


Which should you get?

Boost Mobile definitely has some features that Visible cannot match such as international calling and service in Mexico. Boost also offers upgrades to customize your plan to suit each person a little more. If you need that international service, there really is no competition.

The fact of the matter is that most Americans will be fine with service in the U.S. only, not to mention that apps like Facebook or Line offer free calls if you use their apps over Wi-Fi. If that is you then Visible offers the most compelling package with better U.S. coverage and far simpler plan that lets you forget about minutes and megabytes altogether since you know your bill won't change.

Max data, domestically


Unlimited data at home

Visible is as simple as possible. It offers good speeds for browsing and streaming and no surprise fees, accessing Verizon's LTE coverage with no contract.

Max data, even in Mexico

Boost Mobile

Sign up more lines to save

If you call or travel to Mexico, Boost is one of the best options. With a ton of flexibility and saving for multiple lines, it is a great value.

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