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We’ve sniffed out a good deal for your dog on Prime Day


On rainy days and when they can't get out of the house, it's important to keep dogs stimulated. This pet snuffle mat from AWOOF gives your furry friend something to sniff through or dig around in to find treats.

My Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel loves digging around for snacks. Sometimes when we give him a treat, he'll run out to the back yard and drop his treat in the grass. He'll then sniff around for all of the loose crumbs, with his brother joining in on the fun. This snuffle mat is worth a try to see if he, or your fluffy companion, can be entertained indoors as well.

Dig and sniff

AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat

This snuffle mat can entertain your pet and stave off boredom as they sniff around and dig through it looking for treats.


$13.59 $17.79 $4.20 Off

The bottom of the mat has non-slip material to help keep it in place as your dog sniffs around. You can also compact the bag with drawstrings to take it on the go or to make it more of a bowl shape.

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The snuffle mat is machine-washable, making it easy to remove pet drool and bits of food. If this mat doesn't look like the right toy for your dog, there are plenty of other Prime Day deals for dogs and pet owners.

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