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We found a car charger for every occasion, and they’re all under $20


Stay charged up for a tiny price.

If you drive, there's no reason not to have a car charger available to keep your (or your passenger's) phone charged up while you're on the road. A car charger is even more important if you're using Google Maps or Waze to navigate, which will really drain the battery. Car chargers come in many shapes and sizes, but I've rounded up a great selection of chargers that can meet everyone's needs — every one is on sale for Black Friday, and under $20.

Anker 42W PowerDrive Speed+ Duo Car Charger

$17 at Amazon

You get enough USB-C PD output to charge an iPad or even a laptop, plus an extra USB-A port to charge up your phone at the same.

This charger has the highest output of any on the list — 30W over USB-C will rapid charge any phone, or even an iPad Pro, and can even charge up most modern laptops (albeit a bit slower than a wall charger). On top of that, you still get a USB-A port to charge up your phone on the side.

AmazonBasics USB-C Car Charger With Cable

$13 at Amazon

Sometimes you don't want to think about having a separate cable. You can guarantee there will always be a charging cable available with this charger.

AmazonBasics products get the job done at a great price, and are backed up with excellent warranties from Amazon. This charger lets you bring your own cable, but also has a built-in cable so you know you'll always be able to charge when you get in the car. The integrated cable also makes this a great gift for any Android owner; they won't have to buy anything extra.

AmazonBasics Car Charger with 18W USB-C and 3 12W USB-A Ports

$11 at Amazon

Sometimes you just have to charge a lot of things. Unlike most multi-port chargers, this one stays contained in the socket, rather than using a separate cable. It's basic, but it gets the job done.

Some people need to charge more than two devices. There's a trade-off in size and looks, but it's better than having dead phones and tablets. This AmazonBasics charger gives you a full-powered 18W USB-C PD port for rapid charging phones, and three more basic USB-A ports that'll get the job done for your other passengers. Oh, and it's no more expensive than the two-port chargers here.


Cluvox Rapid Dual USB-A Car Charger

$11 at Amazon

A charger with two basic USB-A ports offers ultimate flexibility and lets anyone plug in their own cable. Plus, you're getting a cable included … all for a ridiculously low price.

Not everyone's made the move to USB-C yet, and you can't argue that there are still far more USB-A cables out in the world. For the ultimate in extensibility, this dual USB-A charger makes it easy for anyone to bring their cable to the car and charge up. Plus, this one comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable to get you started, and is still only $11.

Anker 36W PowerDrive III Duo 2-Port USB-C Car Charger

$17 at Amazon

If you're living that USB-C life, this charger is for you (and your passenger). Full-power 18W charging to either port will fill up any phone quickly.


USB-C is the future, and if you're only using USB-C devices now then there's no reason not to lean in and get a USB-C only car charger. Two USB-C ports with 18W of output will charge up two modern phones (even iPhones with the right cable) while using the same cables you're using elsewhere.

Aukey Dual Port 24W/4.8A USB-A Car Charger (2-pack)

$9 at Amazon

If you care more about size and looks than charging speed, Aukey has you covered. These chargers are so small you can usually keep them plugged in all the time.

Even if you have a preferred charger that's more capable, it's worth buying a pair of these just to have around as a "just in case" charger. At under $10 for a pair, you can't quibble with the charging speeds. And they're so inexpensive you could carry one around in your travel bag for when you rent a car, or bring on a road trip, and forget it in the car without a worry.

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