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We could soon see iPads and MacBooks with OLED displays


This seems like a bold statement, given that we are still waiting for Apple to give us mine LED displays on the upcoming iPad Pro and a possible MacBook Pro refresh. However, DigiTimes’ latest information claims that Apple won’t take that long to transition to new OLED displays.

It seems that we may get new iPad and MacBook devices with OLED displays as soon as next year. This isn’t the first time that we get information suggesting that Apple would adopt OLED displays on its future iPad Pro models since they started to pop up here and there during the final months of 2020. We can even track these rumors back to May 2019, when we received the first rumors claiming that the 16-inch MacBook Pro

was going to feature OLED displays from Samsung.

As of today, Apple is still using LCD displays on both MacBooks and iPads, and we are still waiting for a possible Apple event that may deliver the first iPad Pro with a mini-LED display that’s supposed to help the tablet to give us improved brightness, and power management. Still, this new feature is said to be exclusive for the larger 12.9-inch variant, so it could be the perfect experiment to see if these new displays will also be good enough to come in the new 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh and the new rumored 14-inch MacBook Pro.


Who knows, maybe a future iPad Pro refresh will give us a mini-LED display on the smaller 11-inch iPad Pro, while the 12.9-inch variant makes the jump to OLED, and the same thing could happen with the MacBook Pro models. Now, that wouldn’t be the only improvement we may get, as it is believed that Apple will continue its transition to Apple Silicon, but only time will tell if these new upgrades arrive in 2022.

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