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Watch Apple’s “One more thing” event live here

Apple unveiled its quartet of phones last month but now we are getting a “One more thing”. The launch is scheduled for 10 AM PST/6 PM UTC and there’s a stream on YouTube to follow it live.

We summed up what to expect – two new 13" MacBooks – one Pro and one Air. What is special about them are the chipsets – they are entirely designed by Apple which is a first for the Cupertino company.

The new lap tops are likely coming along with a macOS Big Sur and there are rumors a 16” MacBook might appear on stage as well. Rumors have also been pointing to wireless tags called AirTags and in-house Bluetooth earphones called AirPods Studio, but they might not come until next spring.


We’ll also follow the event and once everything is over, we’ll be ready with all the major announcement to read on our website.

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