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Want TikTok on your TV? It’s a reality for Samsung Smart TVs in Europe


TikTok is taking over the world of content, and every major social media platform is trying to imitate the success by copying its features to their apps. For instance, Instagram introduced Reels and Snapchat got Spotlight. Now, after being on every major social media platform (kind of) TikTok is coming to your Samsung TV. The South Korean company and TikTok have announced a new partnership that brings TikTok’s trending content to Samsung Smart TVs. It is launching in Europe, and is available for UK customers first.

TikTok’s TV app has been specifically created for a home-viewing experience, allowing people to view the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds. Further, it will view the majority of the most liked and viewed c ontent on TikTok.

You can organize this content into 12 categories covering everything including Comedy, Learning, Sports, Travel, Animals, Art, Food, and more. Moreover, the new TikTok TV app will allow users to like, comment, and even Block/Mark not-so-interested content(Restricted mode)
. Plus, you don’t need an account on TikTok to access the new app. That’s right, you can surf the TikTok TV App even without an account on the platform.

The new app is coming to Samsung Smart TV models from 2018-2020 onwards, which includes Samsung’s 4K and 8K TVs as well as its Smart Monitor, The Premiere, The Frame, and The Serif. You can easily download TikTok via the Samsung Smart TV App Store. Samsung will now pre-install the TikTok TV app on all its new Smart TV purchases.

More of us are spending more time at home, watching TV with loved ones and enjoying content that entertains and educates through our smartphones. This has led us to think about how we can bring the creativity and joy of TikTok to even more people across the UK. Our new TikTok app will do just that, giving the millions of Samsung TV owners access to our trending recipe hacks, comedy skits, challenges and more – straight into living rooms across the country.

Rich Waterworth, General Manager, TikTok UK

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