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Want car insurance that’s easy and costs less? Check out Clearcover


When it comes to car accidents, it isn’t a matter of if, but when. The costs associated with vehicle collisions can be quite high, with a minor accident running up a $10K bill. After all, car and property repairs aren’t cheap and don’t even get us started on medical bills. The average consumer simply can’t afford these expenses upfront, which is why driving without insurance is downright illegal in most states.

In the untimely event of an accident, your insurer will bear the brunt of the costs. The trade-off? You have to pay them a hefty premium year after year, and you might be led to believe that you have to stick with coverage that doesn’t really work for you until your policy expires. Truth be told, you’re allowed to switch car insurance companies whenever you want, so there’s no harm in shopping around for better rates.

The hard part comes down to finding the right insurance provider and policy. For something so essential, the process sure is outdated. Traditional insurance can be unnecessarily complicated, so if you’re looking for a modern approach to car insurance, look no further than Clearcover.

Clearcover sells auto insurance that offers better coverage for less, and it does so in a way that’s tech-friendly and convenient. Everything from creating an account to checking prices can be done digitally, so the experience is incredibly fast and easy, with a mobile app for existing customers further supporting that effort. In fact, you can check your price

and sign up for a new plan within minutes across thirteen states as of this writing. It’s like Lemonade, but for car insurance.

The best thing about Clearcover is how easy and fast it is to use. The Clearcover team believes that great insurance is something that should quietly exist in the background, and the product was built to support that. Customers can access policy information, pay their bills, and even file claims through their mobile app. You never have to worry about pushy sales reps since the entire experience is digital, although Clearcover’s dedicated customer service team is always on standby in case you need a helping human hand. As one customer puts it, “Clearcover makes getting car insurance a breeze. No talking to agents, waiting for a card to arrive, or getting overcharged because of a bad algorithm.”

— J.R.

Accidents happen, but a fast, reliable car insurance company like Clearcover can make finding the right policy and filing claims a lot less stressful. Visit Clearcover today to check your prices with absolutely no obligation.

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