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Volkswagen partners Microsoft to deploy cloud computing in autonomous vehicles


Autonomous vehicles are gradually gaining ground all over the world, propelled by the increasing deployment of the 5G technology. As 5G connectivity continues to grow, we also expect to see more startups and carmakers with commercial-ready autonomous vehicles like AutoX’s. self-driving cars

Tech giant and Cloud computing powerhouse Microsoft has announced a partnership with carmaker Volkswagen to produce autonomous vehicles. The partnership will utilize Microsoft’s expertise in cloud technology to fast-track the development of Volkswagen’s self-driving model.

Volkswagen and Microsoft had already established a partnership which saw the carmaker deploy Microsoft’s cloud technology for connected cars. Volkswagen is merely expanding Microsoft’s cloud technology deployment to fully autonomous vehicles. Using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud computing platform, the carmaker hopes to develop an Automated Driving Platform (ADP) that would be the fulcrum of further development in the area of autonomous driving systems.


Microsoft Azure is the well-developed and powerful cloud computing arm of Microsoft. The arm offers an array of services and solutions that are increasingly becoming more effective as many organizations and businesses migrate their critical resources to the cloud for greater security, speed, and overall versatility.

Volkswagen had realized the huge data requirements needed for the development of its autonomous vehicle systems under the framework of the Autonomous Driving Platform, and with this partnership with Microsoft, the company would be able to speed up the development cycle of the autonomous driving systems from months to weeks, deploying the huge computing and data capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud technology.

An increasing number of carmakers who are now adding connected and autonomous vehicles into their production profile have realized the important role of tech companies in developing autonomous systems. The technologies available via cloud services could indeed mark a turning point in fast-tracking the development of autonomous driving and its subsequent deployment on public roads in the years to come.


Volkswagen, therefore, joins General Motors and Cruise as automakers who have tapped from the cloud technologies available through Microsoft Azure in developing self-driving systems.



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