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Vivo’s iQOO could foray into tablet and notebook segments soon


Vivo introduced its sub-brand iQOO earlier this year. The company launched several smartphones under its name, including flagship phones like the iQOO 3. However, it looks like phones may not be the only product we will be getting from the brand.

The expectations are based on recent trademark applications. Vivo has filed trademark applications for “iQOO PAD” and “iQOOBOOK.” There are speculations that these point at new product categories – tablets and notebooks respectively. The trademark applications were filed in June according to the image below from ITHome


Lately, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been eyeing different product categories and expanding their business. Redmi

has launched notebooks in the past and Realme could be coming with one in the future. Hence, iQOO making tablets and notebooks doesn’t come as a surprise. However, there is no official word on the development.

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