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vivo unveils a new Android-based mobile operating system called OriginOS


vivo has today launched a new mobile operating system based on Android and is calling it OriginOS. Announced at the 2020 Developer Conference, OriginOS focuses on an aesthetic overhaul, deep customization, a smooth user experience, and user convenience. In the words of vivo, OriginOS repurposes familiar features with new exciting designs.

From the first looks, it appears that vivo has taken some healthy inspiration from iOS, especially with the customizable widgets. Departing from Funtouch OS, OriginOS also introduces a re-imagined gesture system, better memory optimization and a major aesthetic overhaul – down from new dynamic wallpapers to updated iconography.

Talking about the home screen widgets in OriginOS, they can be resized and positioned to the user’s liking. Plus, they can also change their look depending on weather and daylight timing, while app widgets can show nano alerts for notifications. For memory optimization and system resource management, vivo’s new Android-based mobile operating system brings Multi-Turbo 5.0 technology to the table. The company also claims that OriginOS further refines the app loading experience.

On the aesthetics front, OriginOS also introduces what vivo calls behavioral wallpapers, which are essentially motion wallpapers that change their color and shape based on time of the day as well as weather. For example, a young flower petal will bloom as the day progresses, which you can see in action in the video below:


OriginOS also brings a redesigned quick actions control panel that looks much cleaner. Vivo is yet to detail all the changes OriginOS brings, but the company promises an all-new design experience that appears much cleaner compared to FunTouch OS.

Listed below are all the phones that are eligible for an upgrade to OriginOS, a process that begins before the end of the year:

First batch of open beta Second batch of public beta Third batch of open beta
vivo NEX 3S vivo NEX 3 vivo X27 Pro / vivo x27
vivo X50 Pro vivo NEX 3 5G vivo X27 (8+128)
vivo S7 iQOO Neo vivo S5
iQOO 5 Pro vivo X30 vivo S1 / vivo S1 Pro
iQOO 3 vivo X30 Pro vivo Z5x
iQOO iQOO Neo Snapdragon 855 vivo Z5x
vivo x50 Pro+ iQOO Z1x
vivo X50 vivo NEX / NEX S
iQOO 5 vivo S6
iQOO Pro vivo Z5i
iQOO Neo 3 iQOO Z1
The first phase of OriginOS beta testing will begin before the end of the year.

Source: Weibo / vivo

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