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Vivo patents a mouse with a design similar to the Microsoft Arc


Vivo Mobile Communications Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Vivo, recently filed for a new design patent for an electronic product. This gadget was a new mouse, which is similar in design to the Microsoft Arc.


According to a MyDrivers report, the Chinese tech giant recently filed a patent for the new mouse, which had the publication number CN306297489S. The patent reveals the detailed designs of the product, along with sketches that offered us a view of the mouse from different angles. Looking at the patent, we can observe that the mouse carries a bow like arc shaped design, which is what makes it resemble the Microsoft Arc that featured a similar design.

From the top view, one can find that a scroll wheel on the front flanked by the traditional left and right mouse buttons. However, an interesting addition to this mouse is what appears to be a large touchpad on the rear half. This area covers a majority of the mouse and might offer multi touch input and even serve various touch based functionalities. In other words, the patent depicts the integration of the mouse and its handle that features the touchpad, while also showcasing its bow shaped design.

Microsoft Arc

For those unaware, the Microsoft Arc was praised for its unique design and stylish appearance when it had originally launched. It was a compact mouse and offered great portability as well. Unfortunately, it is unknown when Vivo would launch this product at the moment and it could very well be the company’s attempt to cover all bases. So stay tuned for more, as we will be providing more updates when additional information is available.




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