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US market saw that $1,000 flagship sales weren’t that great in Q2


2020 has been a crazy year. The ongoing pandemic has changed our way of life, how we interact with people, and it has also affected the tech world. Smartphone sales have also been affected, and the latest report from Canalys shows that flagship sales didn’t do so well because customers decided to go for less expensive devices.

“Greater unemployment has cut consumer choice, in some cases restricting the ability to buy a new device or cover phone-related expenses. With economic challenges likely to persist, the sub-US$400 segment is poised to gain more prominence, particularly as Google and other Android players increase their exposure to the low-end and mid-range segments.”

According to the latest report from Canalys, the US market shipped 31.9 million smartphones during the second quarter of 2020. This means that there was a 5 percent decline when compared to last year’s numbers. Apple is still king

in the US, as it takes 47.1 percent of the market share, followed by Samsung with 23.2 percent, selling seven out of every ten devices. However, Apple dominated the market because of its affordable iPhone 11 and iPhone SE models
, which also translates to a 10 percent annual growth.

Samsung sales suffered the most, as flagship sales dropped. Its Galaxy S20 series sold 59 percent fewer devices than its predecessor, and it seems that the problem won’t end anytime soon. Canalys also predicts that sales numbers will increase for those devices that arrive with a sub- $ 400 price tag since buyers paid an average of $500 for their new devices.

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