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US Commerce Department delays its ban order against TikTok


Earlier this week, the US Commerce Department announced that it would not be enforcing its orders that would’ve had the Chinese short video sharing app, TikTok, be banned from the region.


According to a WallStreetJournal report, the Commerce Department is backing down and delaying its implementation of the order, which was set to take effect on Thursday (12th November 2020). The order would have had the social media platform be banned from app stores offered by major companies, namely Google, Apple, and even Amazon. In other words, this would’ve effectively ended the US operations of TikTok.

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For those unaware, the Trump administration has been behind the action that was being taken against the ByteDance owned app. However, with changes in leadership after the recent US elections, it is unknown how Joe Biden will handle the situation regarding TikTok. Although, many members of Congress have already voiced their concerns regarding the Chinese app stealing users’ data and being a national security risk as well.



Furthermore, this isn’t limited to just TikTok, as it remains to be seen what stance and direction the newly elected President would take regarding the current state of the US and China relations. This news also arrives amid the lawsuit filed against the Commerce Department’s orders by popular TikTok users and the preliminary injunction towards the order by US District Judge Wendy Beetlestone

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