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Upcoming Netflix app feature will allow you to listen to your favorite shows

There are certain media player apps that support background play, and an example is MX Player. YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform also supports background play if you have a YouTube Premium subscription. Now, it appears Netflix will also get support for a similar feature soon.

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A teardown of the APK of version 7.9.1 of the Netflix app by the folks at XDA Developers has revealed that the streaming service may soon get a feature similar to background play called Audio Mode. What this means is that you should be able to switch to a different app and still have your playback continuing in the background. So you are sort of “listening to a show“ instead of watching it.

Netflix Audio Mode

The strings found in the APK also reveal Netflix will also allow users to turn off the video, so its just the audio you are streaming. This feature should allows users save data since you are not streaming video.


There is no news yet on when the feature will be activated and just because evidence for the feature is there now doesn’t mean it will eventually be released. We also won’t be surprised if Netflix decides to test the feature in certain regions first before deciding on a global release.

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