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Upcoming Motorola Moto G series phones will feature new branding


Motorola is known for its Moto G series of smartphones worldwide. The first model in the lineup, simply called Moto G, was unveiled in late 2013 when the company was under Google. Over seven years later, the series has now reached its tenth generation. Hence, according to a report, the Lenovo-owned company has made changes to the branding of the Moto G series.

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Last month, Motorola released some Moto G smartphones for the US. But those phones bear ‘2021’ in their names. However, the upcoming models will have a different type of branding, as per TechnikNews.

For those unaware, Motorola is expected to launch three new Moto G handsets very soon. The codenames of these devices are Capri, Capri Plus, and Nio.

Out of these three, the last model (Nio) is already on sale in China as Motorola Edge S in China. According to Evan Blass (@evleaks), this very same phone will be debuting as Moto G100 in some markets. Hence, it should be that Moto G smartphone, which Motorola teased in December to arrive with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series chipset.

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Further, NBTC certification has revealed that the Capri Plus will launch as Moto G30 in certain markets. Similarly, as per TechnikNews and Adam Conway, the device codenamed Capri will be marketed as Moto G10 in some regions and Moto G10 Power in India.

Additionally, there will be another handset codenamed Java. It is expected to go official as Moto G20 with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Lastly, either the one called Ibiza or Denver will launch as Moto G40.


In other words, Motorola’s upcoming Moto G devices will have double-digit branding just like Samsung. In case you have forgotten, the South Korean tech giant has been using this branding only since 2018.

Motorola Moto G Series Branding 2021



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