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Twitter will remove 5G coronavirus conspiracy tweets that inspire vandalism


The world is a crazy place, and Twitter is a great example to witness some of that madness. We recently reported how conspiracy theories linking 5G to the spread of coronavirus inspired many to torch 5G masts. Well, Twitter will now take action against any such content that leads to vandalism.

As per the updated content guidelines, the social media giant will remove tweets that instigate people to destroy property like 5G cell towers by propagating the wild 5G-coronavirus conspiracy. However, the new rules prioritize claims that encourage violent acts, and not all tweets that simply disseminate the misinformation.


The new content regulation norms broadly cover misinformation or claims that “could lead to the destruction or damage of critical 5G infrastructure, or could lead to widespread panic, social unrest, or large-scale disorder.” Earlier this month, YouTube

also made it clear that it will suppress videos that peddle the non-sense 5G-coronavirus theory.

Source: Twitter

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